Trois Rivieres to Quebec City – Aug 11

This part of the trip was all about the current and the wind. We had current that took us to a high of 11.4 knts as we ran through the Richelieu Rapids. The wind was blowing against the current which makes for a nasty chop. We bounced around a bit in a few places but Quebec City was worth the discomfort – it is a real gem. There is 18 feet of tide here so they have the marina behind a lock which minimizes the extreme tide. The marina is right in the old city area. There was an artisan’s event which we will go back to tomorrow and they projected a film about the history of Quebec on a huge granary next to our boat – very creative!!!
Looking forward to just seeing the city and taking care of a few things and possibly seeing Cirque du Soliel (next to the marina) if they have tickets.

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