Montreal to Trois Rivieres – Aug 10

We started early with a beautiful morning and the expectation of some strong current to carry us downstream at quite a rate. I think there was about 5 knots of current right near the marina.

The commercial port goes on for 5 or 6 miles then the river opens up wide with peaceful small communities dotting the shoreline – very pretty. We had a small squall about mid afternoon and then later it rained for about 2 hours as we crossed Lac Saint Pierre. It cleared up just as we got to Trois Rivieres.

This is the beginning of tide waters. There is only a 1 foot tide here but in the next 70 miles to Quebec City the tide goes to 18 feet. With that much water coming in and going out we have to time our departure to take advantage of it instead of fighting it – should have some good pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Bernadette LeBlanc says:

    It is so exciting to follow your dream, beautiful pictures. looking forward to meeting you., & seeing Joanne & Paul again. Good luck in the 2nd part of your adventure.

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