Quebec City – Aug 12

Today was a day of rest and restocking the boat with provisions and some visiting in the Old City and Port. There always seems to be so much to do when you get into port that has “stuff” available. Quebec City is a very cool place – a place that you could come for a few months and just absorb the atmosphere. The neat cafes and European style shops and a strong cultural and artistic community make this city a really important aspect of Canadiana.

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  1. Donna Chaisson says:

    Hi Paul & Marg,

    First Paul I just want to!! What a journey you two are making and I am very envious. Living my dream is on hold for the moment but I plan to pick it up in the future. I just want to let you know Paul, my Mom had a stroke or rather strokes early in May and has been hospitalized since. She has paralysis on her left side from shoulder, arm, leg and foot. Earlier on she was also paralyzed on her face, mouth and throat but that has since come back thank goodness. It is not looking like anymore will be changing and Mom is now paneled for long term care. I am in Winnipeg at the moment helping to pick some appropriate places and also running parallel paperwork in Kenora to try and have her eventually moved to Ontario. She has been a resident in Ontario since 1968 but there are also bed shortages in our area as well. I moved to Kenora in 2001 and have a small home in Keewatin. My son Jeff and his wife Alexis also live in Keewatin out on the Winnipeg River on the way to Minaki so at least she would have family nearby if I am successful. Anyway I will get this along to you and follow you as you live your dream. Have the best time of your life!


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