Saguenay Fjord – Aug 17

Today was a day of days. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better – it did!
The fjord is a unique experience which transforms you into a postcard setting of beauty and awe. The walls go straight up on both sides with the most amazing rock you have seen anywhere.  We came to a bay about mid afternoon and there they were – a pod of belugas. We cut our engine counting on our yellow dinghy to do its magic. We drifted and eventually they saw it and came to see and play. For about 20 minutes they circled the boat and played and looked and “talked” to each other. A mother brought her baby to the boat to see the “mystery”. Some of them seemed to put on a show just for us. We drifted almost to shore before we could start the engine and then headed up the fjord to Baie Eternite. As we arrived, we had a rain shower and then the sun came out and produced a double rainbow over our boat and the bay. You had to be here to fully appreciate the beauty!!! But you can only get here by boat……

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5 Responses to Saguenay Fjord – Aug 17

  1. Caroline Nash says:

    Beautiful photos! Only if Lake Ontario had the same great view(s).
    You look like you’re having fun Joanne!!
    Hi Paul, my daughter goes to Woodlands. She was never in your class but you talked to her class about living in the Canadian North.


  2. Nancy Johnston says:

    Your photos remind me of Milford Sound, South Island of New Zealand.


  3. Kaitlin says:

    Nancy – I was thinking the same thing! Absolutely stunning! I keep telling my Dad that when he makes it to New Zealand, he’ll never want to leave. That country was made for him! 🙂

  4. Lauren says:

    These pictures are amazing!
    I’m trying to catch up on a few days of pics all at once… (and wasting a little time at work while I do it… tee hee!)
    Hilarious about these whales! You’ll be the sight to see for the whales in Cheticamp if you keep this yellow thingy aboard!

    Hi to everyone! Hope you’re all doing well, and take care on your voyage into the ocean!

  5. Sarah Dozzi says:

    I have been viewing all the photos you have taken on your voyage from Ontario to Nova Scotia and they are absolutely spectacular. I love shooting pictures wherever I go and these made one love the amazing landscapes and the sea with its bounty of life and amazing colors. Looks like you had terrific weather. Thanks so much for posting on your blog.

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