Tadoussac – Aug 16

It was a foggy rainy day today and we decided to do a few jobs in port and catch up on our sleep. The water has been so cold in this area (6C) that the boat (sole) floor and hull are getting very cold. I wore long pants for the first time since May. The other thing I noticed was the length of the days has increased as we have gone north. In SW Ontario (Kitchener) the longest day is about 15.5 hours on June 21; yesterday in Tadoussac the sun came up around 4:30 and set at 8pm for 15.5 hours of daylight. We have not only gone east but a lot north as well.

Tomorrow we are going up the fjord.

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3 Responses to Tadoussac – Aug 16

  1. Jeannine and Jack says:

    We’re happy Joanne that you joined the rest of the crew. Love looking at your pics of the whales and Tadoussac. We were there (mostly on land) last year. Stay warm!

  2. J Alan Aucoin says:

    Great pictures. Say hi to my sis.

  3. Joanne Patience says:

    Thanks for your comments on the blog. Having a super time. All going well. Chat soon!

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