Saguenay Fjord (Baie Eternite) to Tadoussac – Aug 18

It was a calm night and the huge cliffs in the bay were like a geo-thermal furnace so it was a very nice night and morning. We took our time enjoying the beauty and a great breakfast. We sailed most of the way down to the bay where we saw the belugas on the way up the river with the hope that we would see them again. Sure enough they were nearby and when they saw us it was “time to play”. The young whales swam deliberately under the stern of the boat and blew air from their blow holes. A mother and her baby came to take a look (at what I am not sure). They are curious I suppose because they are very smart. I can’t image any of the whale watching tours getting as close or connected as we were.
We went back to Tadoussac for the evening to add some provisions and then we will head to Rimouski (across the river) in the morning.

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  1. Janey says:

    Please say hello to Joanne – it is nice to see she has arrived. Your pictures are wonderful and we enjoy reading about your journey – safe passage. Janey, John & Nike from the Antiquary.

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