Quebec City – Aug 13

We spent the morning being good tourists then had lunch in the Old City. After, we came back and cleaned up the boat (trying to make a good impression on Joanne who will join us today). We have planned a warm welcome for her with a nice meal and then we will take in Cirque du Soliel (Totem) – absolutely amazing!!!

Tomorrow we will start a new chapter of this trip, We have a new member of our team and the second half of this trip will be quite different in many ways from the first half. We are hoping to see whales as early as tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Quebec City – Aug 13

  1. Marilyn Maxim says:

    So glad you made it, Jo! Bon Voyage!


  2. Glad you are finally all together. To Joanne and Paul — enjoy you are obviously in very good company.
    To Paul and Marg — I am reliving the journey all be it fifteen years now since I took the trip.
    May you have good times, good weather, and more great pictures.

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