Montreal – Aug. 9

We didn’t plan on being here another day but taking care of all our shopping just took too long and it ended up being too late to head for Trois Rivieres. We decided to get smoked meat at Schwartz’s as a special treat and it was awesome – the best smoke meat sandwich ever. Sorry we didn’t have time to connect with Rob and Bec Abbott while being here!!!

I couldn’t believe what happened at the Schwartz’s – anyone’s worst nightmare in a restaurant. I was trying to get the catsup going but instead it squirted on Tim (the guy next to me) right in the face and arm – I couldn’t believe it!!!!! …..He was very  “kool” about it and even posed for the picture below.

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2 Responses to Montreal – Aug. 9

  1. Alicia Patience says:

    Strome, the facial hair suits you – seriously, I think you should keep it 🙂

  2. Lauren Patience says:

    I agree Stromer!
    At least keep it until you get back to T.O.

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