Fort Lauderdale Dec. 23

Today I get to do whatever I want so we slept in until 9 am and then Marg made me a special breakfast. Our friend Jimmy who travelled with us in the Bahamas came by to take us for lunch at a really great restaurant on the Inter-coastal Water way near the Los Olas Marina called “Coconuts”.

I spent and hour listening to a great speaker (Bill Johnson) and some wonderful jazz and laying in the sun…….(the best way to spend a Dec. Birthday)

We were so full from the lunch we have had to skip the steak dinner we were planning and go straight to party mode. We love live music and make it a part of our lives when we are at home (it inspires) but it hasn’t been easy to find music in the Bahamas so we have an itch we haven’t been scratching……..”tonite we will cover the waterfront.”

We went to a place we have been to on another trip here called “Mangos”. The music was great and it was fun to dance again…..I love it!!!

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