Straits of Florida, Dec. 22

We crossed the Straits of Florida and the Gulf Stream today. They say you should never cross with a north wind (it was NE wind with an 8ft swell) but we found it quite pleasant and not at all a difficult passage.  It is 48 nautical miles to Lauderdale from Bimini and rarely do you see another vessel until you get close to the harbour, but today we actually would have collided with a freighter had we not changed course – when you have a lot of time on your hands you start to wonder “what are the odds of that??”

Looking at the sea and its power makes me feel very alive and it also makes me wonder where all the water came from – there is a lot of land but there is twice as much sea? I also wonder where did all the salt come from to make the sea 4% saline – it takes a lot of salt to make that much water that salty. Now that’s something to think about when you can’t sleep or you’re feeling melancholy.

We went grocery shopping after we went to customs and immigration. We are planning to celebrate my birthday tomorrow with a steak dinner on the boat (my choice) and then go to a jazz club and hear some music. It’s great to be back… we are beginning to entertain ideas on how to continue the adventure.

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  1. Cousin Larry says:

    We have followed your adventure and enjoy your pictures and comments.
    We wish you a Happy Birthday and enjoy your American steak.
    Also we wish you both a very Merry Christmas and more happy days on your holiday
    Love and GOD Bless
    Marg and Larry

  2. Paul & Marg says:

    Hi Larry, thanks for your birthday and Christmas wishes…….and are pleased that you have enjoyed the blog. We have had a lot of fun doing the blog and it is really nice someone is actually reading it. Thanks for your comments – it is always nice to hear from family!!!!

    Best wishes to you and Marg and family for a Christmas of peace and love and a very fruitful New Year.

    Paul & Marg Weigel

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