Fort Lauderdale, Dec. 24

We got some very exciting news today. Tyler and Maria are planning to be married. We talked by SKYPE and Tye told us how he planned the whole “proposal”. Limos and girlfriends and room mates and steak dinners all worked together to make a memory which will last a life time. Congratulations Tyler and Maria…..

Marg and I are still moving slowly and getting up around 9 am. Our friend Jimmy dropped by on his way to the Mall to do his Christmas shopping so we went along. Marg and I aren’t shoppers but we wanted to get a present for Tom and one for Jimmy as well. We found a Cross pen for Tom and lighter (for Cigars) for Jimmy. Shockingly, there weren’t many people in the mall – good for us, bad for them. We didn’t wait for a special moment to exchange presents. We just got it out there. Tom gave us “Sabbatical” ball caps in a Christmas stocking and a tree ornament which commemorated our trip (see the pictures)

Later we came back and had drinks and nibbles with the couple next to us in the Marina….very nice people from Indianna. Around 10 pm we walked along the beach to the “Church by the Sea” a non-denominational church with a candle light service…….we loved it!!! Got home at 12:30 and had pie and ice cream. The best way to end a very nice day!!!

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  1. melissa says:

    christmas in tshirts and shorts – WEIRD!!!

  2. Pat says:

    Hi Marg and Paul,

    The dust is starting to settle a little and we are now thinking about just taking a few days to catch our breath. I was thinking that we will be missing you on NYE while we celebrate with Paul and Suz and Bob and Nal. How incredible that you both are having this experience together. We will continue to visit you as often as we can and live through your experiences. Love the photos…keep them coming. Love to you both and a wonderful new years eve adventure too. We will be toasting you and you will both be with us in spirit.


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