Wolfville, Nova Scotia – Sept 8

Wolfville is a small town in the Annapolis Valley and the home of Acadia University. We came here primarily to see the tides of the Bay of Fundy. The best place to see this phenomena is at Hall’s Harbour. Tides are smaller (Neap Tide) and larger (Spring Tide) based on the phase of the moon and the season of the year. Tomorrow will be the highest tide of the year with a maximum of over 40 feet (at Hall’s Harbour). Bigger tides have been recorded in the bay (54 feet) but they are very rare.

We arrived at high tide (12:15) and ate lunch  had a sleep and walked on the beach. After about 3 hours (Half Tide) the harbour had already drained and the boats were sitting on the bottom.  The beach continued be more and more exposed. Margaret decided to have a lobster before she left the Maritimes (I prefer crab and or fish) so we stayed for another hour and a bit and took a few shots at low tide around 6:20.  The whole process is very interesting. The Bay of Fundy Tides are in the running for  “Wonder of The World” status.

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