Lunenburg – Sept 7

Lunenburg is a UNESCO World Heritage historic fishing and boat building village. 80% of its buildings are original giving it the UNESCO designation. It is also the home of the famous Bluenose II schooner. For almost 30 years the Bluenose (the original boat) was the fastest sailing vessel in the world.  She was challenged 4 times and overcame all the best comers. Hence she was put on the Canadian 10 cent piece, the 50 cent bill (yes bill) and several editions of stamps.

The Fisheries Museum is the place to find out about the Bluenose and fishing over the years on the Grand Banks -it is a very good museum (and I am not a museum fan).

The Bluenose II replaced her and was used to demonstrate the era of schooner fishing in the Maritimes. One of the captains was Don Barr a sailor we met in Cuba last winter. While we were in Lunenburg, we connected with Don and his wife Trisha. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet their daughter Cheryl who wrote the 2 cruising guides we used extensively on our trip down the St. Lawrence.

Nearby is Mahone Bay – a classic and beautiful little fishing village also worth visiting.

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2 Responses to Lunenburg – Sept 7

  1. Cousin Larry says:

    We have really enjoyed following your journey from Hamilton to Halifax. Your pictures have been excellent and descriptive. How do you get back to New Hamburg. ?By air, land or water?
    Happy Travelling
    Cousin Larry

  2. Bigguy says:

    Hey thanks for your encouraging words Larry! We are flying back to Ontario Thursday (9th). We are ready to be home for awhile. We left July 26 and arrived in Cape Breton 5 weeks later. The last 10 days we have been enjoying Nova Scotia’s beauty and hospitality.

    Best Regards

    Paul and Marg

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