New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada

We arrived in Toronto safely and on time. The weather hasn’t  been too bad although a lot colder than Cuba and the Bahamas – we are adjusting. We have already had some time with our family and friends and hope to connect with more of you in the next 10 days.

The Adventure we started on October 31/09 has had 2 distinct chapters (Sabbatical 2 and Sea Saw) and like any good story, there are usually 3 acts. Our plan is to resume our adventure after the wedding. The location is yet to be determined but it will be exciting and beautiful and……you are invited to join us!

We appreciate the many comments and emails over the last months that have encouraged us to keep this blog going (in spite of the work and poor Internet) so others can enjoy the beauty and wonder we are experiencing. It has been a labour of love.

We plan to restart the adventure around the Feb. 25th. Stay tuned……

Paul and Marg

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2 Responses to New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada

  1. Leah says:

    Hey, great to hear your back for a little while at least. Hopefully, we’ll see ya around the Living Room. Maybe you could share a few tales from the open seas!

  2. Sue Trotter says:

    Hello Marg! You must be so proud and happy. What a wonderful wedding and so much love and joy springs from the photos! (Brady, you are a beauty,and a big personality, just as I remember you 🙂 Please know how much I wish you both well on your next adventure! Love, Sue

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