Cuba, Feb. 11

Today we leave for Canada to celebrate Tyler and Maria’s wedding on Feb 20th – we never imagined when we left in October that we would be going home for a wedding but we couldn’t be more pleased! We are very excited for them and can’t wait to see our family. We have spent 104 days on a boat and have enjoyed a beautiful, exciting  adventure. We have met some very interesting and inspiring people, many of them in the last few weeks here in Cuba. We spent the morning saying goodbye to our new friends with hopes of crossing their paths again. We have been enriched by their  experiences and love of life – (IMHO sailors are the most interesting people in the world!!)

Marg and I plan to continue the adventure shortly after the wedding. We are considering Mexico and/or Panama and Costa Rica but we try not to make decisions until we have to. We’re working on living in the moment. That means not making thing happen by letting things come together on their own – when we do, good things happen!

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