Halifax – Sept 5

I was amazed at how beautiful a day it was only hours after Hurricane Earl blew through here. The sun was shining so we went downtown to the waterfront. They were having a festival with music and costumed performers. Some of the music was really quite excellent. Halifax is known for its strong musical community and great live performers. With this being the Labour Day weekend there was music in every little pub.

We met up with Bruce and Moira Allan and their son Matthew for dinner and a reconnect after many years – we worked on a film together in the 80s. It was great catching up again.

Tomorrow we will check out Peggy’s Cove, Lunenburg and just poke around the pretty spots Bruce and Moira have recommended – stay tuned it should be a good day for pictures.

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2 Responses to Halifax – Sept 5

  1. BruceA says:

    Hey! I know these folks! Too cool or what! OK, enough exclamation marks – but this couple definitely deserves ’em.

    Paul, I haven’t really figured out this blog thing – even though I make websites, blogs are tough to figure out navigation wise. So – I will stick in a comment here and there when I find the opportunity. Too bad comments can’t be added to nice pix. Oh well…. onward!

  2. Bigguy says:

    Ya thanks, its the only good picture we have in literally thousands….seems like no one can take pictures anymore. Maybe 2011 will be better.

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