Halifax – Sept 4

We arrived at the airport around 4pm yesterday (Sept 3) and rented a car and headed into Halifax. There were a lot of students around and people were hanging out before the storm hits. We went to “Niche” for dinner and to listen to some local Jazz – very good on both counts.

This morning the wind and rain woke me about 9:15 but nothing really happened until around 10:30. The pictures below were taken from our hotel in Dartmouth (across the river from Halifax) at about the peak of the storm. The power went out and came on again right away several times. They say it should all be over by about 2 pm. Other than tree branches there doesn’t seem to be much other damage as of yet.

Marg and I are enjoying a quiet day – reading and surfing the internet!

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2 Responses to Halifax – Sept 4

  1. Pat Townsend says:

    Hi Marg and Paul, Glad to hear that you are safe and inside and not on a boat during this storm. We have been praying that you are both safe and have found a comfortable place to wait it out. Our weather has taken a turn and today was windy and cold. After four days of sweltering heat we are plunged into a shivering funk. Tomorrow is the school house picnic but I’m not too sure that the day will be warm enough to be outside for anyone. Wayne is working on his book and is trying to do a final written edit. He is looking for a quiet space where he can spread out his papers and focus without all of the interruptions constantly in his way. He has been looking for a cottage or a cabin but so far, all is either too expensive or booked. This book has been chewing at him all summer and he is finally at a point where he just has to focus and get it out of the way.
    We are missing you and will think about you both when we are at the picnic.
    Love to you both

  2. Bigguy says:

    Hi Guys… we are here in Halifax area till Monday and then down to Lunenburg, and around to the Fundy. Will be flying on Thursday so we hope to connect with you all at Bob and Nal’s on Saturday for the “Who Would You Rather – TV” party. Looking forward to connecting…..and thanks for your prayers they are working!!!


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