Grenadier Island to Brockville – Aug. 3

We had the wind behind us so we ran wing on wing down the river about 10 miles to Brockville. Our friend has a home at Hillcrest (the Brockville Narrows) where we will put in for some good food and a nice time hanging out – nice having access to a car and a shower after a couple of days on the “hook” (at anchor). Not sure what we will do for an encore after this – we may stay for a day or head back to the US side.

P.S. We hit 7.5 knots going through the Brockville Narrows – great wind, wing-on-wing and a bit of current and we almost hit the top hull speed for Pas Du Fake.

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3 Responses to Grenadier Island to Brockville – Aug. 3

  1. Jack and Jeannine says:

    Great looking at your pics. Take good care of Paul, and say hi!

  2. Ian & Dawn MacLean says:

    It’s so sad that Paul Strome looks so unhappy in all of his pictures. Actually – you all look like your having a great time and the pictures are terrific. I (Ian) am just a tad jealous.
    Hope the wind stays at your backs for the rest of the trip.
    Paul S. – lay off the ceaser salad – you have two friends that have to share the boat with you – and your breath.

  3. Bigguy says:

    Thanks for your comments and encouragement – its nice to know there are people out there enjoying the “ride”.

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