Gananoque to Grenadier Island – Aug. 2

We stayed at the public dock overnight (usually not allowed) then motored up to Alexandria Bay (US) and Heart Island. We checked in (US Customs) so we could get fuel and ice cream but couldn’t get it together to do Bolt Castle. I think we are still adjusting to the sun and wind. We went down the river to the eastern tip of Grenadier Island and threw the anchor in a nice quiet bay – had a drink and a tenderloin steak and watched the sunset (pinch me). Tomorrow we are going to connect with a friend at the Brockville narrows (Hillcrest).

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3 Responses to Gananoque to Grenadier Island – Aug. 2

  1. melissa says:

    i have been to Alexandria too!

  2. Alicia Patience says:

    That castle looks INCREDIBLE!! I’d love to see it up close one day.

  3. Sarah Dozzi says:

    Wow! All these places I have only heard about and now you have shown me. A good friend of mine married a sailor from Gananoque – his name was Sonny Matthew Clarke.

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