Cuba, Feb. 1

Finally ran out of gas. We have been burning “it” up for the last 3 days (little more than one day of sleep in 3). Coming from Key West, we first stayed at Marathon and the next night anchored out and were up in the night on anchor watch and then sailed 14 hours to Lauderdale. The next day, we helped Tom clean and unload the boat (a lot of heavy lifting). In the morning, we said our good-byes and thanks to Tom for a wonderful 3 month journey on Sabbatical 2!!  Thanks for everything, Tom!! We then drove back to Key West and left with Steve on Sea Saw at 5 pm for Havana (an all night sail). When we got settled in Hemmingway Marina, Havana, we went out dancing until 1 am. Today we spent catching up on some rest although we met many of the local sailors and went out for supper. Tomorrow we will be making arrangements for touring Havana and maybe the island.

I can not post pictures from here because the Internet is “dial up quality”, but I am taking many great pictures which I will post as soon as I get back to Canada…around Feb 12.

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