Bimini, Dec. 17

We missed what they call the “weather window” to cross the Gulf Stream. The Stream runs north through the Florida Strait and when the wind blows out of the north (against the current) the waves get close together and in what they call “elephants”. Today the wind was blowing to beat the band (25MPH) out of the north and the forecast for the next 5 days is for more of the same so, “who knew” we would be spending 5 days in Bimini but here we are……enjoying!!!!! Even tied to the dock we are rocking like Led Zepplin.

The good part is, even in “crappy” weather the sun shines all day and it is 84F. Just have to forget about going to Florida and live in the moment. We will be working on that……..went out for dinner and had Grouper – my favourite.

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