Bahama Bank, Dec. 15, 16

We left Nassau at dawn and motored up to the Northwest Channel Light (see picture) the deepest part of the ocean to the Bahama Bank (average depth 12ft). We anchored on the Bank, but it was a bit bumpy so we pulled anchor about 4:30 and then arrived in Bimini (Bimini Bay Resort/Marina) around 10:30. Made it to the pool by noon!!!  You may notice from the pictures there is NO one here. A huge resort but we were the only ones at the pool. The recession in the US (Florida) has hit hard here. A guy dropped by the marina with lobsters so what the heck, why not? Then the sky lit up like a proverbial Christmas tree (see pictures)….hope the weather is good tomorrow for crossing the Gulf Stream to Key Largo.

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  1. Headed to ABACO for the first time. Right now with friends in Daytona. Prob won’t land in Bahamian waters until after Christmas depending on getting the right Weather Window. Sounds like you are on your way back to the U.S. How long were you gone. Any places to avoid? Fair Winds and Following Seas, G.

  2. Paul & Marg says:

    Places to avoid: none to avoid only places to see….everywhere we went we loved. Take as much food with you as you can store on board since food and water are very expensive here…….other than that, have a great time!!!!

    Paul and Marg

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