Tongue Of The Ocean, Nov. 30

The Ocean is a picture in contrasts and today for us was also extreme contrast. We went from 5 ft of water to 9300+ ft of water and from natural beauty of the ocean to commercial Nassau. The journey is mostly waiting to get there with the occasional passerby and outbursts of flying fish we scared up. They can really fly. Some of them flew for 100 – 150 meters or more. I tried to get a shot but it isn’t easy since they fly fast and away from you.

We arrived around 3pm and still had time for picquata at the green parrot. A diver stopped by with a bunch of lobster so we decided to try one. A nice 3 pounder made a nice snack. After a good feed and a shower we went over to the Atlantis Casino/Resort. I never gamble but I find it amusing occasionally to see others play. They also have an amazing underwater aquarium (the best I have seen). The whole area is pretty upscale – I started feeling like an imposter…….

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