The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park – Dec. 4

I always start a day thinking there probably won’t be much to write about today, but it seems that day after day something happens which is really pretty awesome. The Exuma Park is a bit like Allans Cay in that it is a circle of islands with a shallow sand bottom lagoon. It is a National Bahamian Park. No fishing is allowed. When we arrived a yellow fin tuna swam over and under our boat (they like the shade). Then a Lemon shark came by for a look and later  a Stingray swam by. I am sitting in the cockpit with a satellite internet connection writing this post. We don’t have enough bandwidth (we are sharing the connection) to upload all the pictures we took. They will come when we get a better connection. Should be offline for a few more days unless we connect unexpectedly as we did today.

Blessings, Paul & Marg

P.S. Happy Birthday Bob S.

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