St. Augustine Nov. 17

We “splashed” early this morning  then while they finished the work on the boat Marg and I walked downtown for just one more look around.  I purposely took some pictures of the city to put up on the blog to give our friends a look at this beautiful city. When we got back a shrimper pulled in with a “boat-load” of shrimp (literally) so we changed our dinner plans and cooked up a few pounds of fresh shrimp. I pinched myself as I looked out the back of the boat at a sunset and the shrimp simmering on the “Barbie”. Then we finished the night with a full schedule of “Two and a Half Men” – Tom is a big fan and has 2 complete seasons on DVD. – Paul

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  1. Hello Paul and Marg; I feel like i am traveling with you when i am looking these beautiful pictures. You both look so relaxed. My menu for tomorrow will be shrimps for sure. You have a nice trip tomorrow and i talk to you later. Love Afroula

  2. you traveled me with you for a moment looking these beautiful pictures. My menu for tomorrow is shrimps. Love Afroula

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