Saint Anne Des Monts to Riviere de Madeleine – Aug 23

We started out today with a little bit of caution even though the waves had settled down and the wind had slowed. We motored since it (the wind) was on our nose again. It was one of those days that just needed time to “ripen” into its full beauty. At one point, the sea was like glass as we watched little Gaspe villages pass by our boat. The mountains create high cliffs which run right up to the water leaving room only for a highway and the occasional village.

We saw more whales and seals and birds that could be mistaken for seagulls. They dive from 100 feet (30 m) to catch fish – amazing! We also had a few other boats pass us going west which has been rare.

Most of our trip has been on a course of North-East, but today as we rounded the Gaspe we hit  due East. As we continue around the peninsula we should also get a heading of South-East and even South.

We arrived in Riviere de Madeleine about 6pm just to catch the day’s last rays and to meet crab fisherman Benoit. The village is quiet and beautiful and the people are kind and friendly. Benoit treated us to a huge bag of crab…which we ate tout suite. All is well!!

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  1. Marilyn Maxim says:

    Wow! Great shots of spectacular scenery. Wow again.

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