Quebec City To Malbaie – Aug 14

I think we broke our record for early starts with a 7:30 lock and then the 70+ miles down stream to Malbaie. We had to leave when the current was in our favour. There is so much tide here that when it is coming in you make 3.5 kts an hour but when its going out you make 10 or 11 knots an hour. The scenery has changed a lot and near the end of the day the water temperature dropped from 24C to 12C. The cold water and warm air makes for fog. This next leg the water should drop even further (as low as 4C) and that is what the whales like or at least the food they eat like (plankton). Should see some whales tomorrow. We are also planning to take a side trip to Saguenay River (google it) – itโ€™s an amazing place!!!

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3 Responses to Quebec City To Malbaie – Aug 14

  1. kevin aucoin says:

    Hey Jo
    So glad to see you on your way, enjoy!!!


  2. Odette says:

    Hi Joanne, you look like you are having fun…..I envy you so much ! I love this blog and will keep reviewing it to see how you are doing. Have a nice trip and the best to your team.

  3. Kaitlin says:

    Wow! That farmer’s tan is one for the books there Strome! ๐Ÿ˜€

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