Palm Beach FL, Nov. 22

It was Sunday and we really knew it….there were boats everywhere in one of the busiest, most affluent and populated parts of the Inter-Coastal Waterway. The bigĀ  bucks are from here to Miami. The homes and the big boats are only part of that story (see the pictures). We had a little rain to start off today but it was 79F at 8pm and totally fabulous. Marg made chicken-shrimp rice and then we enjoyed talking with JT and Stacey (Happy Birthday Stacey!!!!) and Melissa and Brian (Happy Birthday Melissa!!! – Nov. 27). Tomorrow we will leave for Ft. Lauderdale where we will do some provisioning then as soon as possible leave for the Island of Bimini (look it up on Google Earth) – the end of the first chapter of our adventure and the beginning of a new chapter (stay tuned).

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