New Hamburg to Guadalajara, Mexico – March 1

We have been planning the trip with our Lonely Planet book and the internet and here are a few places that we will  visit in Mexico – they are marked in red on the map. We have done a lot of research and plan to visit many of these places because they have something amazing to offer.
We will cross the border at Laredo, TX and then proceed to Guadalajara to visit our friends Norm and Joanne from Collingwood. On the way we will pass through Monterrey, Matehuala,  and San Luis Potosi. We hope to visit and sight see in the the Guadalajara area.

After seeing the story of the migration of the monarch butterflies in the film “Four Wings and a Prayer” we knew we wanted to go to Mariposa to see the phenomena.  In March, millions of monarchs wake up from their winter sleep, mate and eventually fly back to Canada – we hope to be there to see this miracle!

The Pacific coast is amazingly beautiful. It is dotted with tourist cities like Puerto Vallarta and Acupalco – places we will visit briefly. There are, however, places we have more interest in like Puerto Angel,  Salina Cruz, and Puerto Escondido where we plan to spend about a month just chilling and visiting the surrounding beaches and fishing villages. Marg and I were also intrigued with Oaxaca (pronounced –  O -Wa-ca) a city know for its artists and musicians.
For more details check out the Google Map ( ) or the map below
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