Key West, Jan. 19

Marg and I needed a quiet time together so we hung out and enjoyed each other all day. We went for a walk and got WIFI (got our email). Made a grouper brunch and just poked around the harbour. The harbour is really quite quiet even with all the sailors around. The weather today was cooler and a bit overcast and that keeps people indoors. We walked by Sloppy Joes at 1:30 and it was full of people eating and drinking. (Key West is a party town). We saw the ferry that runs to Ft. Meyers which is just over on the next dock and it reminded me of Melissa and Brian’s trip down here a few years ago.  We miss our family!! After the sunset we went to Sloppy Joes for Nachos and listened to a neat band where the drummer was playing a Cajon (similar to the one I play)….later a band from PA came on (see the picture).

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  1. Jen Paddon says:

    Don’t want to put a bummer on your vacay, but I thought you should be aware that Renee Cater’s husband passed away suddenly on the 17th. I know you worked with Renee for a very long time and would want to know this news.

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