Key Largo, Jan. 28

Today is day 90 of this trip and it started at dawn with a beautiful sunrise. We anchored near an island out of the wind and we each took turns checking the anchor during the night. We had a long journey today to make Lauderdale and we got up before dawn to get started. We arrived right at sunset, got docked, had our shower, picada and then went out for a great dinner at Coconuts. We talked about the things we really enjoyed about the trip. One of my favourite moments was the dolphin jumping out the water just when I was ready to take a picture. There were lots of others but that one stands out because I had seen dolphins but didn’t have a good picture – then he jumps 3ft in the air not once but 3 times. One of Marg’s favourite moments was anchoring in Allan’s Cay where the waters were florescent greens , blues, and turquoises – crystal clear down to a white sand bottom – BEAUTIFUL!

We all were thinking about the trip and that TODAY was really the last day of a 90 day adventure……..tomorrow we start chapter 2  as we prepare to return to Key West by car and sail from there to CUBA!!!!!

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  1. Cousin Larry says:

    Congratulation Marg and Paul on the completion of your sailing adventure aboard the Sabbatical. We enjoyed following your journey and hope chapter 2 of your holiday travels are very rewarding and enjoyable. We will continue to follow your adventures and wish you good health and lots of fun.

    Cousin Larry

  2. Pat says:

    Are you ever coming home? We miss you, our sailing buddies who have been on an adventure of a lifetime. May the wind blow you to fair seas and home again when you are ready. May you see a thousand sunsets and sunrises and never forget the wonders God has given us. Missing you muchly!

  3. Paul & Marg says:

    Hi Larry, we went to Cuba but couldn’t post to the blog while we were there. I put up some of the stuff already and the pictures will go up over the weekend. Hope all is well with you. We are back in Canada for Marg’ s son’s wedding but are planning to continue the adventure later this month. We haven’t decided yet but it may be Panama, Costa Rico, or maybe Mexico. Check the blog later in Feb.
    Thanks for writing!!

  4. Paul & Marg says:

    The Cuba pictures and blog are in the the meantime we have arrived home……..we are looking forward to hanging out!!!

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