Ft. Lauderdale, Nov. 24

In the spring of 2007 we spent March break in Lauderdale. We got a condo on Las Olas Blvd. and walked over the L.O. bridge to the beach everyday. We always looked at the boats. It wasn’t until we were docked, that we recognized the bridge right behind us. Coincidence or destiny?

Lots of things to do before we sail overnight to Bimini (47 NM). There was a low pressure front coming and we had to leave today while the weather was good or we would be here for 3-4 more days. We made the 17th Street bridge opening at 4:30 pm and then headed out and across the Gulf Stream (water temperature last night was 90.9 F). It was a beautiful night. We could see Miami and Florida most of the way. Other than a little rain and some bumps later on, and those darn cruise ships, it was an easy trip.

First thing we noticed as we came onto the Bahama Bank was the beautiful turquoise water – even at dawn. We checked into the Blue Water Marina in Alice Town and to my surprise they had excellent internet service. Caught up on sleep and food and tomorrow we will be celebrating US Thanksgiving and touring the Island by golf cart ( it’s a small island). This is fisherman’s paradise……lots of Americans come here for the weekend to catch a big one.

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    marg’s shirt matches the flowers

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