Ft. Lauderdale, Jan. 8

Another warm day and everyone was at the beach. We chatted with 3 young girls on vacation from Brazil (our favourite place in the world). They have the most beautiful beaches in the world but they came here to Florida to Disney World…..(how does that compare???). It was a very relaxing and beautiful day……

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  1. Douglas Steckle says:

    Hey you two.. sounds like you are having a great time…
    we will be in Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday morning to catch a cruise ship…
    Continued safety in your adventure!!!

  2. Paul & Marg says:

    Hi Doug and Gisella , hope the weather is awesome for your trip, and you guys have a great vacation!!!!

    Paul and Marg

  3. Cousin Larry says:

    We spent 21 days in Rio on holiday some years ago, and found the Bare Babes on the Beaches very Beautiful but we didn’t like the Bad Boys on the Beaches who stole our Belongings while we were distracted.
    We think the beaches in Panama City Beach in the Florida Panhandle are the best, but not in the winter months.

  4. Paul & Marg says:

    Auhhhh Rio my favourite place in the world. Best beaches, food and the place is beautiful – just awesome…..never had a problem with the “bad boys” but that could happen in Toronto……

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