Ft. Lauderdale, Jan. 5

The weather has been cold here as well as at home. A front blew through and brought the temp down and the wind up. There are tons of people in town for the Orange Bowl (Iowa, and Georgia Tech) and only the most daring are on the beach. We still get out for a walk even if it is only 55F (12C) and have been going out to hear live music at Mangos in the evening. We also had picada (snacks and drinks) with the other sailors in the marina who are all waiting to get out of here when the weather turns. We have met people from all over the world…..some every interesting people. Our internet connection at this marina is a problem because we can’t get the wireless in the boat meaning we have to be outside in the cockpit or up at the marina (outside) to access it. With the cold weather we have been cutting our internet time to the bare minimum.

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  1. Jen Paddon says:

    Gosh what I would do for 12 degrees!!! Sad to hear that’s “bad” weather for you!! Currently it’s -11 and -18 with the windchill….and it’s chilly!!! We have been hearing that the weather down there isn’t so great, but gosh sunny and 12 would be just fine right now! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun though despite it all. Have a beach day for me please!

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