Ft. Lauderdale, Jan. 11

It was warm enough to take our daily walk along the beach and on the way home we stopped by the (probably the World) Swimming Hall of Fame which was on our way. They were having a college swimmers’ training session and since we saw a Canadian team (Ottawa) was practicing we decided to watch and I took some pictures…..

Later we invited Ronnie and Arnie (Boston) and Steve (Aussieland) to join us in our “picada ritual” (Every evening around sunset we have snacks and a little “sit-down”) . Nice to meet people and hear their stories…..and share some as well. The end of another wonderful day together.

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  1. Hello Marg and Paul, Happy New Year; how are you? (DSCF1509) I love this picture Marg, you look so relaxed, so bright, your intent sight tells everything. I quess this trip was all the best ever happen to you. Love Afroula!…….

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