Ft. Lauderdale, Jan. 1

New Year day is traditionally a day of reflection and we gave the day its due. Our adventure has coloured our perception of how to “live” the future. The adventure has been best lived day-to-day and so we have fought any inclination to worry about the future or to even think about anything other than living in the moment. It has been a great experiment and an experience which we do not want to end – no matter what we are doing. So, that is our new year’s resolution – to keep living in the moment as best we can – our M.O. for 2010.

A friend wrote this response to this post. I liked it so much I wanted us all to see it…..Thanks Brad!!!!

“There is only the moment….the rest is an illusion of control and ego…

If we could truly live in the moment (truly) we would see through Gods eyes…the infinite which is pure appreciation and love…” BradskiBeat

One day at a time and lovin it!!!!

One day at a time and lovin it!!!!

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