Ft. Lauderdale, Dec. 30

Most of our days are filled with “living” as my brother-in-law Peter puts it. We go for groceries and haircuts and to buy a few things we need and the day is almost gone. We like to make sure we walk on the beach at least once a day so as to “remember” where we are. Today we saw the new “Oasis of the Seas” cruise ship (largest in the world) and some other interesting things when we were on our beach walk……

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  1. Cousin Larry says:

    Wishing you both a New Year
    Full of Happiness
    Love and Good Health
    Nothing else matters.

    Happy New Year

    Marg and Larry [who spent a lot of time walking the beaches at Ft. Lauderdale.]

  2. Paul & Marg says:

    Thanks for the well wishes they are much appreciated and mutual….hope all is as well with you as they are with us!!

    We have a lot to be thankful for – so we will celebrate a bit tonight just to make a memory for us to recall in the future.

    Thanks for writing….

  3. Jen Paddon says:

    I’m not jealous at all! Love love love the pictures and reading about your adventures! Good to know that even on the trip of a lifetime you still have cleaning to do! Keep reading the temperatures you guys are enjoying. Right now it’s -3 and snowing which isn’t too bad (well except for the snowing part!) Supposed to snow and get closer to -20 with windchills by Saturday. Can I come and stay with you???
    Wishing you a very happy New Year!

  4. Bev Soltys says:

    Marg and Paul,
    I love hearing about your adventures sailing around the warm Gulf Waters. We here in New Dundee are doing fine and are now back to work after a wonderful Christmas, New Year and Holiday break. Our Christmas concert was beautiful and Sara and Irene jumped in and did a terrific job of filling your shoes. We have been enjoying some cold weather, but I guess you have tasted a bit of the cold weather also in Florida. (at least you don’t have to do any snow shoveling) I hope you both continue to enjoy the adventure you are on and that God Bless you this coming year and that you would be drawn closer to Him and to each other.
    Please continue to send us updates.

  5. Paul & Marg says:

    Great to get your note, Bev! You’re right, it has been cool here – I understand we can all blame the same arctic air mass!! We have had such a wonderful trip so far – all the way down the Exumas and late next week we’ll be sailing down through the Keys to stay in Key West for a few weeks…and after that, the adventure will continue….stay tuned! Say “Hi!” to your family and everyone at school for us! Love, Marg and Paul

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