Florida, March 15

The sun and sea are a powerful medicine. We have spent a lot of time in Florida, but this time it did not capture our sense of adventure. We entertained the idea of just “hanging” for a month or two but even that didn’t excite us. We even connected with a sailor friend who was heading to Cuba to shoot a sailing video and we still couldn’t become engaged. We decided after a great deal of discussion that after 4 months on the move we just wanted to be home.

On Saturday evening we had dinner and danced at our favorite Fort Lauderdale restaurant, Mangos. Sunday we loaded our car and headed home. With a few stops planned we should arrive home late Tuesday evening.

We have spent much of our driving time talking about the “wonder” of our fantastic adventure and our plans for moving forward with The Forerunner Project, our ARC Project and next winter’s “plans” – the future looks like another great adventure!!! Stay tuned……


Paul & Marg

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