Daytona Beach, Nov. 19

Today was our first day back on the water in 12 days. We were “ready” to go so we left at dawn. Beautiful misty morning. Lots of other boats followed us and the dolphins (porpoises) played. I keep pinching myself.

The tense part is the bridges. Our mast is 62 ft plus we have an antenna (18 inches) on top of that. The bridges all are suppose to be 65 ft but we have scraped our antenna on the bottom of a  few bridges so far – always tense getting through the fixed bridges. The lift bridges are a lot more fun. The operators (reached by VHF radio) are usually friendly and colourful.

Arrived in Daytona Beach and had the best prime rib meal in years. A lot of huge cruisers here. One was having a party aboard with some live music (grand piano and violin)…..could it get any better!!!

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  1. Rob Abbott says:

    Hey Paul and Marg
    I have been tracking your adventure.
    We are living vicariously through your sails.

    Excited for you both. Bec says hi.
    Enjoy the ride, the wind and the open sea.
    Love ya friends.

  2. Bruce Allen says:

    Hey there – I wasn’t sure how to post in this new area – but I hope you get this. Amazing photos – amazing time. You look so relaxed. Can I buy some of that potion? hehe Love from the snowbank north.

  3. Paul & Marg says:

    You got it right. Thanks for commenting. We really enjoy hearing from our friends.

  4. Paul & Marg says:

    Thanks Rob and Bec, we really enjoy staying in touch with our friends….

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