Bimini, Dec. 19

Everyone is talking about the weather. Yesterday and particularly last night was “heavy”. Tom and I checked the lines about 8pm and our bowline could have been played like a violin string. Needless to say we added two more lines to share the load – total 3 lines on the bow, 3 lines on the stern and 2 “spring lines”  (in the middle). This morning the wind had settled down and the sun (as usual) was out. We made pancakes and went for a walk into town. The marina we are at is part of a resort, retirement community and they are now building a casino. I included a few pictures to give you an idea of the place. We also met one of the owners and chatted. Everyone is super friendly!

On our walk we checked the ocean, met some locals, bought groceries, and had take-out and ice cream. I also found a potato grater to make Latkies – made ME happy. Tonite we will watch “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks and eat popcorn.

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