Back in Atenas Costa Rica – November 2013

Hi everyone, we are a back in CR continuing our work for the Forerunner Project. In this chapter we will be working on the Atenas Film Festival, teaching a series on leadership for the locals, rebuilding our website and launching the Forerunner International School; AND we are continuing to look for a home (Land) for the Forerunner Living and Learning Community. That should be enough to keep us busy for the entire 6 months we plan to be here.

I will be posting pictures from time-to-time here…I got rid of my Canon 60d which was a headache right from the start. It was in the shop more than out. I now have a great new camera from Nikon (d7100) which is an amazing camera. I will be showing you some of what it can do….like time lapse photography. Margaret has also started taking pictures and will also be posting here some of her photos.

Here are some of the shots I took in November…for some of you who are entering the barren days of winter these pix should cheer you up.

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