Cocoa Beach, Nov. 20

Arrived in Cocoa Beach from Daytona. Cocoa Beach is one of the really nice places in Florida (home of Ron Jon surf shop – you’ve seen the billboards if you have been to FL). Melissa and I spent a winter vacation here when she was about 8. Marg and her family were here too quite a few years ago, and the boys wanted to surf!

We have been enjoying the water and most of all being outside most of the day. I spent an hour on the foredeck¬† just soaking up the sun and the fresh air – lots of stuff to see along the way… are just a few of the sights. Thanks everyone for your comments. It helps to keep us all connected – Paul

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  1. Pat says:

    Hi Marg and Paul, Wow, beautiful waterways and warm weather, how does it get any better. All is well here on the home front. My Mom has been in hospital since Tuesday with a blocked bowel. She is having surgery tomorrow morning to remove scar tissue from her ilium. That will hopefully solve the blockage problems that she has been having for years. Hope you two are enjoying the journey. We are loving the pics and the commentary on the way.


  2. Stewart Smith says:

    Hey, Paul and Marg, it looks like you’re having that time of a lifetime! Are you on the boat long enough to get the staggers during shore leave? I’d love to see some interior shots, or did I miss something? The Sabbatical looks like a lovely sail.

    I look forward to your progress through Eden in coming weeks!

    best wishes,

  3. Suzanne and Paul says:

    Hi Marg and Paul,

    It’s great to see your marvelous photos and interesting “blogmentary! Retirement sure looks good on you. What a fabulous kick-off to the rest of your lives. It looks so good that Paul is upstairs packing our bag. We’ll meet you somewhere in La-La Land for a cool drink and a shrimp kebab, hot off the grill.

    Just name the place….yes!!!

    Suzanne and Paul

  4. Paul & Marg says:

    We would love to connect with you guys. Need the company and some music… going to be in the Bahamas soon. Please stay in touch!!!! Thanks for the comments.

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