Allen’s Cay, Greater Exumas, Bahamas Dec. 3

It was hot last night so we left the hatches open only to wake up this morning with 20+ new no-seeum bites. (worse than mosquito bites)

It was nice to get back out on the ocean today…you miss it when it’s not there for a few days. This next leg of our trip is through the Greater Exumas (see the maps). On the chartplotter picture the longs and lats for the boat (not the crs – Curser)  will give you the exact location to enter into Google Earth. They are a string of low lying islands some of which are park conservation areas. Allen’s Cay although not part of the park system is a natural wonder with Iguanas on the islands. We motored here from Nassau because once again we had wind but it was directly on our nose and the Yellow Bank has many shallow coral heads which have to be manoeuvred around. When we arrived we were amazed at the beauty. We both pinched ourselves…..this is so awesome. The moon came up (almost full) just after dusk…and we pinched ourselves again. I can’t think of anything I have seen more visually beautiful than where we are.

(no Internet for a few days so I am writing this for posting later).

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